Friday, May 17, 2013

And So The Summer Ends...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

We had a great summer, full of sunshine, swimming, and fun. The kids have been happy, Natalie turned the big 7 in July, lost her first tooth, and she even started 2nd grade this year. And in other big news, I just bought a handicapped accessible house for me and kids. In fact, I just closed 24 hours ago.

We will be moving in next week, and Eliah and Natalie will finally have their own rooms at Mama's house. And I will be looking forward to not have loud neighbors to disturb Eliah, nor have someone try to steal the wheelchair van (yes, that happened a month ago).  It was a long road to get this house, but luckily, all obstacles were taken care of, and we are but a mere 5 miles from Kelley's house, which was much harder than you think to accomplish.

Eliah has had some seizure issues this summer, but we have been working with the Neurologist to get that resolved. We have almost maxed out our dose of his experimental seizure med, and unfortunately that leaves us with the same old ones that don't work. I'm hoping Eliah can hold it together (through the current virus he is fighting) and not have too many breakthrough seizures in the coming weeks.

So, there are some BIG changes for us in the next couple weeks. I'm also hoping that life will calm down a little bit, so that I can start feeling more organized and less stressed. Ha, like that will happen. :)

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