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Christmas 2009 (Eliah's Year)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Another year has come and gone, and we find ourselves in new places with new adventures. Eliah is doing well, growing at a rapid pace and filling my heart with love. We spent a few days in Intesive Care in November due to a stubborn seizure, but as always, Eliah awoke with a smile on his face. He is a happy boy, full of light. Both of these children are such graceful gifts.

Natalie is growing into a beautiful young lady, strong with her studies in Kindergarten. She has an incredible personality and sense of humor, that keeps me in stitches. And as you can see by the picture above, Natalie is showing off our new (temporary) apartment.

We have sold our two story house, in the hopes of buying a more disability friendly house for Eliah. He is getting heavy, and it is becoming more dangerous and strenuous to carry him up and down stairs. We anticipate Eliah walking one day, but need to prepare for the possibility that he won't. He is working hard though.

Eliah received a new stander a couple weeks ago and it is such a blessing. He loves to stand and play, zooming down the hall at record speed. And with each minute, building strong muscles to help him learn to stand and walk on his own one day. We are also expecting a self-propelled (meaning Eliah-propelled) wheelchair in the first week of January, so we can go even faster. It's going to be an exciting year for Eliah.

It's so much fun to see Eliah and Natalie blossom, as it makes this Christmas much more fun. Natalie has received one present early (see the pictures above). And my heart just melted to see the look on her face. Eliah is just happy that Kelley has bought enough batteries to play with the toys he loves already. :)

Anyway, I can honestly say, even with a few briefs moments of frustration, it's been a wonderful year for our children. Next year I get to add my own chaos to the mix. I am starting a new business, helping other parents of children with special needs, by creating sensory rooms (like Eliah's) in their homes. ( It is all very exciting, and we are looking to the new year with hope for new achievements and adventures.

Thank you to everyone that always checks on and asks about us. Merry Christmas!

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