Friday, May 17, 2013

Do You Believe in Angels?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

From the time Eliah was a baby, I have always believed there were angels watching over him.  How else could he have gotten through so much in his life?  It was the work of angels, well, that's what I believe anyway. 

Sometimes he looks like he is listening to something, and will laugh like he just heard a funny joke.  At these times, I believe there are angels talking to him.  Sometimes I believe that he is able to sense more because of his mental condition.  Maybe he doesn't have that barrier between earth and the great beyond that most of us do. 

There have been many moments that I have witnessed acts of a guardian angel first hand.  One example that comes to mind was a time that Kelley set Eliah's carseat in the van, and the next morning, I put Eliah in the carseat assuming it was strapped in.  Eliah was in the carseat, and we began to drive out of a parking lot, not going more than two or three miles per hour.  Out of nowhere, a man with a cowboy hat stepped in front of van, and I slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting him.  The force of the stop shot Eliah's carseat forward and onto the floor of the van.  Kelley and I looked at each other in horror as we heard Eliah screaming. 

I stopped the van and we immediately got out to check on Eliah.  His carseat had left the back seat, hit the wheelchair with the edge, and turned Eliah on his side.  He was scared, but okay, not a scratch or bruise from the incident.  But, had that man not stepped in front of the van, we would have been on the road and going upwards of 50mph.  Had Eliah's seat come loose then, he could have easily died from the force.  To this day, I believe the man in the hat was a guardian angel. 

I've also noticed that, in photos, Eliah almost always has an orb over him. The camera I use doesn't matter, they always show up.  I've noticed for a couple years now, and believe that these orbs are his guardian angels.  Crazy?  Maybe.  Coincidence?  Maybe.  But there are also many times that Eliah should have/would have died if not for pure luck... or the work of angels. 

Take a look at the photos, look at the orbs, and tell me what you think.  The orbs rarely show up in other photos, although they are occasionally right above Natalie's head too.  They are in all of the photos below, and I'm sure in many, many others.  This was just a few of the ones from the past two years that I found.

Are they angels?  Do you believe?

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