Friday, May 17, 2013

Eliah Back in Hospital

August 2008

We REALLY missed spending time at the hospital, so we are back for a small vacation. Eliah started running a fever of 103.5 yesterday afternoon, so we took him to the Hematology clinic. They ran blood cultures and labs, and administered a 30 minute IV infusion of antibiotics. Whenever he has a fever, they need to treat him like his port is infected.
By evening, his fever was back up to 103. We came back to the clinic today to do another round of antibiotics, but based on the lab results, they did not see any bacteria. So there are two things that could be causing a fever like that. Either a virus, which nobody else in the family has gotten. Or, it's a Staph infection in his port.
They admitted us to the hospital this afternoon and brought out the "BIG GUNS" of antibiotics. If they don't work within 24 hours, it's probably just a virus and we will be sent home. If it does help him, we will be here another 7-10 days. My poor baby was running a fever of 104.2 just about an hour ago. So hopefully we see some relief soon.
I will update as I can.

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