Friday, May 17, 2013

Eliah back in Hospital

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The saga continue with another installment of hospital fun.  Eliah started running a slight temperature (around 100) yesterday afternoon.  I gave him Tylenol and he seemed to be okay.  By 9pm, his temperature started rising again (around 100), so I gave him Tylenol again.  He fell right to sleep, and within 10 minutes, his eyes opened and he started seizing.  I checked his temp again, and it was now 102.3.  We started him on oxygen, called the Hematologist, 911, and Neurologist.  Then we gave him a dose of Diastat (which is basically Valium).  No change.  So we called 911 again for them to send the ambulance.
Eliah's breathing became very shallow, as we ran around the house frantically packing our bags for the hospital.  Natalie tried to comfort Eliah by holding his hand and kissing his cheek, but soon became overwhelmed and panicked.  Luckily, my sister-in-law came to get her and bring her home.  We anxiously waited outside for the ambulance to come.
I rode in the ambulance, holding Eliah, and watching Kelley weave in and out of traffic trying to follow us.   Eliah was breathing very slowly, approximately one shallow breath every 10-15 seconds.  His oxygen saturation level kept falling, and the paramedic was about to intubate Eliah as we were pulling up to the hospital. 
We got in, and got him on a good amount of oxygen while we waited for his seizure to end.  The Hematologist made it there in record time and decided to rule out new bleeding on Eliah's brain by doing yet another CT scan.  Thankfully, nothing new.  However, his Hemoglobin level is pretty low, and they are testing again now, so we may expect a blood transfusion in the next day.
The Neurologist came by and said to increase his seizure medication, in the hopes of preventing future episodes.  But Eliah is just going to be prone to these sorts of things.  The problem we have is that with every seizure (especially longer than 30 minutes) he may lose development, that has taken ages to gain.  In the hopes of heading these off at the pass, I am to start him immediately on oxygen, valium and call paramedics as soon as a seizure starts.  We cannot risk Eliah stopping breathing from a seizure.
Looks like we will have many hospital trips in the future.  And I am terrified to be home alone with both children.  I hope I have the strength to handle it. 

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