Friday, May 17, 2013

Eliah in Intensive Care

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Saturday brought some drama when Eliah started having a seizure after a family trip to the mall. We rode by ambulance, sirens blaring, straight to the emergency room, where I was met with familiar faces and the same million questions.
This time, due to Eliah's behavior earlier in the week, I was
concerned that he may have new bleeding on his brain, so we did a CT scan. To my relief, his brain remains in it's normal broken state. We also did a chest x-ray, and determined that Eliah's pneumonia has finally cleared up after three long months.
We were admitted to PICU for observation overnight, and expected to go home by morning. Meanwhile, Kelley was getting sicker and sicker by the minute, remaining home to contain his germs. By midnight, I was awoken by a nurse clad in mask and plastic coat, telling me that Eliah had strep throat.
Sunday morning Eliah woke with a smile, and immediately started into another seizure. Then as soon as we got that one stopped, he started another one. Which led me to the question, Will this ever end?? Will he ever stop having seizures?
The doctor explained to me that there are children that have febrile seizures (a seizure from a fever), that grow out of it at the age of around six.....and then there's Eliah. She went on to tell me that Eliah has Epilepsy (a generic term meaning that he is prone to
seizures), and that fevers are just his trigger. Will he grow out of them? Probably not. He may not have as many as he gets older as his immune system does it's job. But we will always have to go to the hospital for them.
Because Eliah is "quirky" with mecidine, we have to head straight to the big guns for knocking the seizures out when he gets them. The regular avenues just anger and aggitate him, making the situation worse by increasing his heart rate to stroke levels, which we learned by experience this weekend.
At least we have a plan of action now. We know what to do, we know where to go, we know what to use, we know who to talk to. There's definite comfort in that.
Anyway, today, after three days in the hospital, we are home and Eliah is resting. He's weak, but back to being "Eliah". And we are thankful for all the love and support that we always receive from family and friends during these times. And a special thanks to
Kelley's dad for bringing me Starbucks and Subway Cookies, without, I would not be sane.

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