Friday, May 17, 2013

Eliah is 17 months

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Well, the little man is now 17 months old, and I thought I would just give everyone an update and pictures. We don't really explain much, so I wanted to be a little detailed. It sounds a tiny bit depressing, but we are happy with what he IS able to do.

At 17 months old, Eliah is not yet walking. He is not yet sitting unassisted. He is not yet feeding himself. He can roll from his belly to his back, sometimes. He is not yet crawling. He can sometimes grab a toy off the floor, but mostly we have to hand it to him. He is not yet talking. He does babble sometimes, but no words. He is not yet playing by himself, and requires constant attention. Mostly, Eliah lays on the floor and kicks and laughs, or we are carrying him around.

He is not yet sleeping through the night. He is completely resistant to all sedative type drugs, including a double dose of Chloral Hydrate, which is the date-rape drug. We spend many nights walking with Eliah in the driveway for hours.

Eliah IS now able to see, and can see across the room. He is able to recognize all family members, and loves his sister's singing (not so much Mommy's singing). He still loves music, and we keep our MP3 player with us at all times. He still has a preference for Bluegrass, but we are trying to expand his horizons a little.

Eliah's health is good for the most part. We have been concerned with his weight dropping over the past few months. He was down to the 15th percentile. But has gained 4lbs in the past 30 days, and is now back up to the 50th percentile. He is now up to 27lbs (definitely a back breaker).

His blood pressure and temperature seem to fluctuate erratically, as well as his weight. For instance, one minute his temperature is 100.5, and within an hour, it's 96.7. The doctor seems to think that with Eliah's brain damage, he just cannot regulate those things. I don't really know what that brings for the future though.

We now have an aide that comes to our house every day, during the week, for 5 hours a day. She holds and plays with Eliah while I rest or clean. And when I hold Eliah, she cleans, fixes lunch, or folds laundry, basically whatever needs to be done. I feel VERY lucky to have her.

The aide also assists me in giving Eliah his clotting factor every day. And Eliah is so used to getting his daily shot, that he laughs almost the whole time I'm doing it. He hasn't seemed to have any new bleeding, so I guess we are doing it right.

That's basically it. We are still waiting for more blood test results in the coming weeks. But I don't foresee any real answers. We just keep on trucking and managing our life to fit with what Eliah needs. Thanks for always asking and thinking about us!


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