Friday, May 17, 2013

Eliah Update

Thursday, January 31, 2008

GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!
Eliah had an EEG on Tuesday afternoon, and the Neurologist called today to give me the results.  Eliah has shown significant improvement from his last EEG.  He is having normal wave patterns with rare spikes in the back left of his brain.  Which means the doctor is further reducing his seizure medication.  We get to wean him off two medications, leaving only one left.  And the ones his is coming off of are the ones that hinder his ability to develop.  So we will hopefully see great advances in his development in the coming weeks/months. 
We also had an appoinment with an Opthamologist this week.  The doctor does see some atrophy (shrinkage) of some of the nerves in Eliah's right eye.  However, it is still within the range of normal.  Eliah does have some visual impairment, but may be due to his delay or medications.  His eyes are formed correctly, so he may be perfectly normal as he grows.  We can definitely tell that he is trying to focus on things. 
We also had a visit from SC School for the Deal and Blind this week (busy week, huh?).  Anyway, we all feel that his vision is not the top priority at this point.  We need to get him on track with motor skills (rolling over, sitting up, etc).  So will are awaiting a call from the next agency in the loop that will be providing physical therapy.  However, it may take a while for us to get going since they have a long waiting list.  But Eliah has been trying to work on things himself.  This past Sunday he was able to reach up with both hands and grab his bottle, pulling it to his mouth.  Then later, reaching up and grabbing a toy on his chest.  So we have been thrilled with his improvement.
And if I don't say it enough, thanks to everyone for the kind thoughts. 

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