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Eliah Update

Tuesday, November 27, 2007








Photo # 5-The Christmas decorations & Eliah: You can barely see him chillin' on the sofa, watching the fish!

Many of our friends and family have been asking about Eliah, so I thought I would give a small update.  Eliah is doing okay overall. He is behind as far as development goes. I was surprised that he sat up for so long for pictures. He has not been able to hold his head up very much at all. He is like a 20lb, 3 month old. It's quite stressful on my back! And yes, he is as huge in person as he looks in the photos.

Just in the past couple weeks Eliah has been making some good advances though. He has starting wiggling like a regular baby. He lays on his back and kicks and swings his arms around. It's wonderful to see him move so much. I don't know how much is medication, but he does spend a lot of time just staring into the distance, with mouth agape.

I am pretty sure he is completely aware of what's going on around him, but he does not respond in an active manner. He still rarely makes eye contact, but does engage in play, and follows objects by looking in their direction (just not directly at them). Last night, I gave him a miniature Christmas tree to hold (very prickly), and he loved holding it, but would not look at it. He even got upset when I took it out of his hand to put something else there. It's kind of like he's living behind a cloud. I have to go in and get him involved in things. Otherwise, he would just sit and stare and cry. I don't know, we are working on things.

He has a CT scan scheduled for Thursday morning to see if there has been any new bleeding on his brain. I hope there hasn't. And we have been sticking him with his clotting factor every other day. And of course, every other time, I miss the port and have to stick him a second time. It's very stressful, but we are somewhat getting used to it.

That's about all. Just a day at a time. Thanks for asking and thinking about us.

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