Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Evening

October 2007

Ok, the surgery is on hold for right now.  We are still scheduled for 10:15am tomorrow, but his EEG has shown *NO* signs of seizures today!  The tech said he wasn't showing several of the "bad" signals that he has up until now, and that some of the "good" things they like to see have increased in quantity.  We're going to play it by ear and make the decision right before he's scheduled to go.  They're going to continue the EEG and see what it says for tonight, wish us luck!

If we do not have the surgery tomorrow, we may still need it in the future, only time will tell.  There is some combination of drugs and healing that has caused the seizures to stop, but we're not sure which one is playing the more important role right now.  If we don't have surgery, they will slowly start to wean him off the drugs while monitoring him closely to see what goes on.  That should tell us how much the drugs have to do with this new turn of events.  If he starts seizing again, we know it was mostly the drugs... and we'll have to re-evaluate things.  If he doesn't seize as we wean him off the drugs, we know he's healing.  They'll also be doing more CT (and possibly MRI) scans to help determine this.

Included in this update are two pictures.  The first was from when we had just gotten here.  The second (with the teddy bear) was from a few minutes ago.

We'll write tomorrow when we can.

- Kelley 

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