Friday, May 17, 2013

Last Update

Monday, October 22, 2007

Well, today I had to stick my sweet little boy with a needle.  I had nightmares about it all night.  I dreamed that I didn't wait for the nurses and went ahead and stuck him without cleaning anything.  I was so upset that I could have caused an infection.  

There is such a strict process to go by.  I was terrified that I would do it all wrong and cause Eliah to get an infection.  And an infection on the main line to his heart is serious.

But, all seemed to go well at the doctor.  I followed "most" of the rules from memory.  I was able to put numbing cream on Eliah's chest before I stuck him.  I was shaking so bad.  And I couldn't believe how hard I had to push the needle in.  It was difficult to puncture the port and push all the way to the back.  But the little bugger never flinched or felt a thing.  He thought I was just doing "mommy" stuff.  

He seems to be regaining all the muscle in his neck too.  He is almost able to keep his head up for extended periods.  I'm so proud.

Love to all,

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