Friday, May 17, 2013

Quick update Friday:

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Eliah had a decent night. He only stopped breathing about 20 times. But we learned not to jump up every time. He eventually starts breathing on his own, without his oxygen level dropping. He has also been on oxygen to help with his breathing.

As far as today goes, he has a low hemoglobin level. Which means he is anemic and will need a blood transfusion in the next couple of hours. We had to do another CT to make sure that there was no new bleeding. They just keep taking so much blood for labs, that he is running low.

Also, he is taking a small break from the EEG. He still had seizures all night. They have upped his medications AGAIN, and they are adding another to the mix. He had about 50+ seizures through the night. We are just trying to override the seizures, while waiting for the inflammation in his brain to settle down. Today's CT did show that some of blood is starting to resolve, so it may be just a matter of days until we can control the seizures.

We are not looking forward to hooking up the EEG again tonight though. The skin on Eliah's head is starting to break down from the electrodes. It's a double-edged sword. We don't want to hurt his skin, but we have to know if he is having seizures.

They will also be putting a feeding tube back in, so he can get some nourishment. The feeding tube will go up his nose, down his throat, through his stomach and into his small intestine. That way, he gets calories, but his stomach will be empty in case they have to intubate him. But we think between the feeding tube and the blood transfusion, he will start feeling a little bit better.

Thank you to everyone that keeps Eliah in your thoughts in prayers. There is no way to repay all the kindness. Please continue to pray.

(Update: no transfusion tonight.  His hemoglobin actually came up a little... so they are going to wait until Monday, when they have to draw a lot of blood, to determine if they will do a transfusion or not.)

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