Friday, May 17, 2013

Spring Fever

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring has sprung, the grass is green, and we are on the move.  Since my last blog post, Eliah had an increase in his seizure medication, and we seem to be doing better.  He has had one seizure (last weekend), and he was able to come out of it with just oxygen.  Overall, we are better prepared and able to move on with the business of life.

The weather has been beautiful and we are enjoying all that Spring has to offer.  Natalie is completely hilarious.  She is on a mission to stick her finger in any nose that will impress her friends (and get her on the Ellen Degeneres show).  And Eliah wants to be in the water so badly, I believe he is determined to be a fish. They are happy and full of love.

I have also modified Eliah's wheelchair for the summer months.  I was having difficulty with keeping Eman in the shade with an umbrella, carrying the oxygen, and pushing the 100lbs of Eliah and wheelchair combined.  Anytime we walked anywhere, I looked like I was in a fight inspector gadget.  So, this week, I added a removable/reversible sun shade, removable straps to hold the oxygen in a safe place, a velcro-ed fan to keep Eliah cool (I can also put his "pick up lines" button there), new, yet the same wheelchair covers, and I made a new waterproof storage bag that snaps under the chair.  We are now organized and cool.  You can see Eliah's enjoyment of the fan in one of the photos above.

Our setbacks only slow us down, they do not stop us.  Natalie and Eliah are having a great childhood, and we going to have a great spring!  See you soon! 

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