Friday, May 17, 2013

Sunday's Update

October 2007

Why hasn't anyone told me that my days are messed up?

Anyway, Sunday's update:

Eliah is resting semi-comfortably now.  He is now without EEG, thank goodness.  And we gave him a bath today.  But he still seems to be in pain.  Because he cannot talk, we have to go by his heart rate and blood pressure to determine his comfort level.  His blood pressure, for his age, should be around 90/50.  Today his blood pressure hung around 169/87.  Much higher than even an adult.  So we really don't know what to do.  

We gave him Ativan to calm him down.  But a lot like his father, Eliah had the opposite reaction to the medicine.  As soon as he got it, he got completely anxious.  So we called the doctor and he approved Morphine again.  We just don't understand why he would still be in pain.  The surgery site should be mostly healed by now.  And the blood on his brain should not be causing so much pain.  The doctor wants to do an ultrasound on his kidneys tomorrow to see if anything is going on there.

The EEG last night showed that Eliah is still having seizures.  He had approximately 30 over the course of the night.  So, they have added a 5th anti-seizure med.  The Neurologist said that we are not yet to this point, but they will be considering putting him into a chemically induced coma so that his brain will calm down.  There is risk involved with waking him up though.  Again, we just don't know what to do.

I doubt it, but there is a possibility we will be getting out of ICU tomorrow.  Eliah has stopped his apnea, and his Factor VIII level (clotting factor in his blood) is WAY above what they expected.  They are just trying to control his seizures at this point.  They will be putting the EEG back on his head in the morning to check for seizures again.  And doing the ultrasound of his kidneys.  Other than that, it's just another day at the hospital.  I'm just glad they're feeding him now.  He seems much lighter to hold now.  It's a good thing I started with a fat baby.  He must have anticipated the need.

As if I need to ask, please keep Eliah in your prayers.  And thanks for all the wonderful comments.  They definitely keep us going.  

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