Friday, May 17, 2013

Thursday Update

October 2007

My poor little man. He is in so much pain. He woke up this morning and wasn't even able to cry. His legs were shaking and he was making a screaming face, but no noise came out. His voice is hoarse from having a tube down his throat during the surgery. And he can hardly eat because it pulls on his neck muscles. He has only eaten about 9oz since last night at 6pm. He is just getting his morphine and sleeping.

We were able to get the MRI and MRV done today, but I do not yet know the results. They were looking at a small, grape sized "something" (my technical term) in his brain mass. They said it may be a stroke, blood clot or calcification. So, as you can imagine, I am anxious to hear what they found.

Tomorrow we do another EEG, but I don't foresee any problems with that. Eliah does seem to have seizure activity, but they don't worry unless the episodes last longer than a minute. They will try to gradually wean him off two of the anti-convulsives before we leave.

And we are definitely here until Monday. Ugghh. I have had enough hospital food to last a lifetime. I am down 5lbs since we got here (which is actually good). If we stay here another week, I will probably hit my goal.

The new port is working great. Now, when they come in at 4am to do labs, I don't mind. No sticking, they just attach a tube and go. I am so thankful that he has one now.

But please, please, please pray for Eliah to get some comfort and some food. And pray that Pediatric Surgical Residents (newbies) start to show some compassion at 5:30am and not come in yelling. They just don't get that the children in a Children's Hospital need some sleep. 

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