Friday, May 17, 2013

Tuesday Morning Update

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So far, so good!  Eliah's CT scan showed significant progress... he is reabsorbing the blood from his most recent head bleed.  We'll have to continue to monitor him (via CT scans and EEGs), but hopefully a lot of that can be done with office visits as opposed to at the hospital.  The doctors are now starting to talk about us going home... possibly later this week or early next week.  Ann and I have to learn how to prepare his medications as well as how to put needles in his port / maintain his port.  We're also going to have to learn CPR before we leave here, which is fine by me.  I don't like blue babies!

Ann and Natalie are still sick.  I think Natalie is getting better, but Ann seems to have just caught what she had.  Boy I can't *wait* for them to get better!!!!!  Nanny and Poppa have been a great big help, and I definitley could not have hung in here by myself without them coming by to relieve me each day.  Some nights have been sleepless, and they let me take a nap during the day.  And some days they let me shower, eat, and get some work done.  All in all, I think we're all ready for all of this to be over, y'all.

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