Friday, May 17, 2013

Unexpected Surgery

December 2010

I am glad that I know Eliah so well.  He's had his port for over two years now, and I've been doing his shots five days a week.  I feel like I know what to expect and how he responds.

Friday's shot went bad.  There was blood everywhere, Eliah was screaming, and I even had to hold him down with my knee to finish it.  Sunday came and I was nervous about doing the shot again.  Same thing happened.  So I called the doctor on Monday.

I took him to the Hematologist so they could do his shot and take a look at his port.  It was like a car that makes noise until you get to the mechanic.  It went smoothly.  He didn't scream, and there was no issue with the needle.  But to appease me, they ordered a Portagram (xray of his port with dye contrast) for today.

They took the xray and did discover a tiny leak in his port.  Had it gone on longer, it would have damaged the tissue in his body.  It has to be replaced.

We have to bring him back to the hospital in just a few hours to be set up in a room, and surgery will happen tomorrow.  With Hemophilia, he will have to be on a constant drip of his clotting factor during surgery so he doesn't bleed to death.  Hopefully, Eliah has not developed inhibitors to his clotting factor (immunity). That would be a worst case scenario.

What I'm worried about is where the port will be located.  It's possible that it will go in the same spot he currently has it.  But if they can't, the port may have to be placed on the other side of his chest.  In that case, he will have two incisions, one on each side of his chest.  I am already sick to my stomach over the pain I know he will be in.

I will post the xray when I get a copy.  And I will update as I can. 

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