Friday, May 17, 2013

Surgery Update

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

THE SURGERY WENT WELL!!!!! Thanks of course to all those prayers!

Eliah went into surgery around 3:30 pm, the surgery lasted approximately 30 minutes, and he was in recovery and back up to the room by 5:30. The surgeon would not let me in to watch, but he did come out right after and told us that Eliah was great. He said that it looks good enough for him to go home tomorrow (even though we know that is not going to be the case).

But he woke up and ate. He seems to be in really good spirits with intermittent pain. We are currently waiting for the nurse to bring his morphine. We may be waiting a while though, the hospital has become extremely busy with patients. There is not a room free.

We will also be taking out the IV in his arm and transferring it to the port. On the outside, the port has just a little needle in it, with an IV catheter. The port itself is made of titanium (we got the good stuff), and we look forward to setting off metal detectors. Here is what it looks like:

Right now, we will rest and recover. There is a possibility that we will do the MRI & MRV tomorrow, and another EEG at least by Friday. Talking with the Hematologist today, he thinks we will be here through the weekend. But if Eliah does great, we may still go home Friday. Let's hope.

On a side note: I do have some concerns already about reversed development with Eliah. Everything seems to be normal with him, except he has lost the ability to lift his head. He has great arm strength, can turn his head back and forth, and push his head backwards. He is just unable to lift or hold steady. I have been telling doctors for a few days now, but they keep saying that it's due to the meds or just being on his back so much. Today, finally, a doctor acknowledged me. We talked about developmental delay, and that this could be reverse development due to his brain damage. We have a range of possibilities for him. First, the doctors could be right in that it is just meds, being tired or whatever. Second, it's possible that his delay may just be slowed now. He may be on his own schedule to re-learn these things. Thirdly, it is possible that he may never be able to lift his head again, which, in that case, would never crawl or walk. But working with him now is basically like a newborn. We have to hold his head up or it just flops back. We just don't know what to expect yet.

But thanks to EVERYONE for all the prayers and good thoughts. We will keep you all updated as things happen.

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