Friday, May 17, 2013

What's in a Label?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Eliah now has the official diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy, among the many other conditions plaguing his little life. We always knew that he had brain/movement issues, now we just have a label. Cerebral Palsy is just an umbrella term used for conditions causing physical disability. However, with that diagnosis, we are now eligible to take advantage of more programs for Eliah.

The good news is, Eliah's issues seem to be mostly with his movement. He is able to comprehend close to a two year old level, and is able to follow directions. It's just getting his body to cooperate that frustrates him. But the good news is, Eliah's progress is not relative to his delay. He is progressing very rapidly and catching up in some ways to other children his age. 

Sleeping through the night has made a great difference as well. Many of Eliah's sensory issues and defensiveness have been resolved. We believe that he was so overtired for so long (getting only 2-3 hours a night) that everything was overstimulating him. Sleep is a precious thing. Now we ALL cherish a full night's sleep. 

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