Friday, May 17, 2013

What's So Great about Four?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Well, another year has come and gone, and I feel like I JUST wrote Eliah's 3rd Birthday blog post. Where does the time go? I am watching my children grow by leaps and bounds as time flies by at record speed.

Eliah is now FOUR YEARS OLD! I remember being frustrated and depressed when he turned two. I was so upset that I had a two year old that could not sit up, crawl, speak, or even sleep well. And I remember being frustrated when Eliah turned three, and the update didn't seem any different. My feelings have changed this year. Can he do everything? Nope, not even close. But it doesn't matter. Every day he grows and learns, and most importantly, Eliah is happy.

As you will see by the pictures, Eliah has grown a tremendous amount this year. He weighs in at 40 pounds, and is as tall as a five year old. He sleeps through the night, and just as of this week, is able to get himself to sleep. I just tuck him into bed, kiss him good night, and he drifts off to dreamland.

Eliah's brain is working overtime trying to catch up. He does his army crawl with great speed, and can cross a room in the blink of an eye. He is always exploring and getting in to mischief. He crawls to the movie shelf and takes all the movies off. He crawls to the kitchen and opens the kitchen cabinets. He crawls to the sunroom and takes everything off my display shelf. And he opens dresser drawers to sneak a hand inside. Sneaky boy.

Eliah still loves reading books and wants to read all the time. We read 5-10 books a day to him. And he has even mastered turning the pages by himself. His timing is perfect.

He comprehends so very many things now. He can wave hello or goodbye. He gives high fives. He activates all his toys by himself. He can feed himself if I hand him a fork or spoon. And he is able to roll his wheelchair on his own (only a couple times). Most importantly, he understands what I say, and can communicate back to me with facial expressions, movement, or sound. It is wonderful. There are always frustrating moments, like when he is hurting and I do not know what it is. But for the most part, I know him and what he needs.

He has been doing well overall, with only two small seizures since February, and they seemed to coincide with growth spurts. His new medication seems to be doing the trick. It also seems to be the source of what is allowing his mind to grow so much more. All the other seizure medications tend to shut down his brain and make things foggy. This new one, Vimpat, is still new to the market and less than 10,000 people are on it. We are loving it.

Eman also got his new orthodic shoes (Mama calls these my magic shoes), since he grew out of his old ones. Only $2300 later, and he was able to get back in his stander after a five month break from standing. He loved it so much, he spent 25 minutes enjoying the view from a grown up perspective. However, we MAY have a set back. Eliah has developed his largest bruise to date on his shin, and I am thinking he may have gotten a small stress fracture or fissures from standing too long. I will be calling the doctor to see what it is. But that would be a small setback in the grand scheme of things, and we WILL get this little man walking one day.

School is out this week for Natalie, so we will be spending our days playing by the pool, going to the zoo, reading at the library, and traveling. It is going to be a great 

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