Monday, February 24, 2014

Ode to Playskool's Busy Ball-tivity Center Toy

In that wheelchair, there sits a boy
So clever, so smart, so full of joy
Amazing strength, from deep inside
He lifts his head, to smile with pride

The little boy, who cannot walk
The super boy, trying hard to talk
His vision impaired, he can't see as before
He chooses instead, to believe there is more

To explore the world, with hands and sounds
And rolling himself, all over the ground
In the blink of an eye, he's across the floor
To get where he's going, just a little bit more

There awaits a toy, so loud and so bold
It's the last of it's kind, or so I've been told
Who knew when I got it, those many years past,
couldn't live without, it became such a blast

He makes it there, the button he hits
The toy comes to life, throwing him into fits
A smile, a squeal, and laughter it sparks
Wiggling and kicking, right from the start

The toy lasts a week, or two if he's gentle
Playing non-stop, makes everyone mental
It breaks each time, the same way as before
He's lost a best friend, as I search for more

Seven to date, all the purchased intent
To see that smile, so worth what I've spent
Another toy, it arrives in the mail
No more of it's kind, don't let it fail

If it breaks we'll survive, I'm sure he'll be fine
I love making him happy, one toy at a time
And when he grows up, I hope he recalls
The music and laughter, and three spinning balls

One last hurrah, with the favorite of all
The toy my boy loves, that taught him to crawl
One season of life, stored and collected
Made happy his heart, the parts now neglected

I bought this toy for Eliah seven times now. I have a stack of broken ones in his room. It's been two years since they discontinued it, but I occasionally find one on Ebay. And since we postponed Christmas until spring, I was able to find one last one to give as his Christmas present. He will be thrilled to see it again, as the last one broke a year ago.


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