Thursday, July 13, 2017

CBD Oil Update

CBD Update: As many of you know, we started Eliah, my 10 year old son with severe cerebral palsy, on CBD oil in mid-December. It's been six months, and I can't believe the difference.
First, as far as seizures, it's been a HUGE improvement. Eliah used to have one or two strong seizures a week. Now, he has a tiny seizure every two weeks or so (less than 15 seconds long). It's usually a trigger like teething or a growth spurt. Nothing like they used to be.
Second, he seems to be so much more "there". He tries so hard to express himself, like responding to questions by doing what I ask. For example, I can say, "If you want to eat a sandwich, roll on your back", or "If you want to go to bed, put your hand on my face", and he'll do each thing IF he wants what I'm offering. We've been trying this for a long time, but he's really getting the hang of it. He understands me, and it's such a relief to have some sort of communication with him.
Third, this is NEW and the biggest, proudest mom moment.
Eliah used to army crawl around when he was younger, but he's gotten so heavy (75lbs) that he can't move around. He either sits in his wheelchair or he lays on the floor. He doesn't get exercise other than OT and PT every week. There's not really much he can do, and it's so frustrating for him. His world revolves around a 5 ft radius in the living room floor, or only where he gets pushed in the wheelchair. Physically, he just doesn't get to move around....and that leads to constipation from inactivity.
But, I got talked into buying one of those cheap Walmart pools a couple weeks ago, and it was the greatest thing for Eliah I could have done. He's been able to do Therapy in there this week, and he's opening up by leaps and bounds! To take this boy, who's practically motionless on a regular basis, and put him in a position where he is free of all restraints, it's unbelievable what he can do in just three days of being in the water. It overwhelms me.
It takes every bit of concentration for him to move his body the way he wants. And it requires the strength equivalent to us running a marathon. But he works, and he tries over and over again. And after and hour and a half, is utterly exhausted. The good kind of exhausted.
He amazes me in every single way. I. AM. PROUD.